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SkewTLogPro delivers instant access to skew-t log-p diagrams for forecasting cloud bases, cloud tops, freezing levels, turbulence and more.

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Determine cloud bases and cloud tops with ease.

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View forecast freezing levels for your route of flight.

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View forecast winds aloft at different altitudes.

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Enter your departure airport and time along with your destination airport and arrival time to view skew-t log-p charts for your route. Swipe right to view the charts along your route.

Weather In The
Vertical: Part 1

This is the first of a pair of talks on atmospheric stability for pilots. It explains stability, parcel theory and how these relate to the weather. In the second talk, the “skew-T” plot is explained with examples of how it can be obtained to infer cloud bases and tops, icing and other weather of interest to pilots.

Weather In The
Vertical: Part 2

This is the second of a pair of talks given to the Flying Particles flying club on the subject of atmospheric stability and its importance to pilots. This talk explains the use of the “Skew-T” diagram to obtain information of interest to pilots, such as cloud bases and tops, icing conditions and the like.

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